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2021 training course Tyrolean raftguide license

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Entrance test: May 02, 2021 Meeting point: 09:00 am at Area 47.

Mandatory for all participants of the 2021 guide training courses !


1 . Week course    ###  attention fully booked  ###

Training period: 03 to 07 May and 10 to 14 May 2021. First week at feel free Outdoor Center Magerbach and second week at faszinatour Outdoor Center Haiming. Meeting point: 08:00 at feel free or faszinatour (each Monday to Friday, minimum participants 6 people and maximum 24 people).


2. Weekend course  ###  S O R R Y   F U L L Y   B O O K E D  ###

Training period: 14 - 15 May, 21 - 24 May and 28 - 30 May 2021. The entire training will take place at the faszinatour Outdoor Centre in Haiming. Meeting point: 08:00 on the course days at faszinatour. (Minimum participants 6 persons)


Course fee:  

645,- € for employees of members of the TRV.

695,- € for all other participants.


Course includes:

- 10 days of training (course days 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

- 50 hours of training on white water III & IV

- Tyrolean Rafting curriculum

- Evening seminars theory

- Transfers to the rivers


What to bring:

- warm weatherproof clothing, possibly ski underwear/ thin fleece clothing (can be put on as a warming layer under the wetsuit) 

- Shower kit (towel, etc.),writing pads,

- 2 screw carabiners and 2 rope scraps for knot training (à 1,50m / 8 to 10mm thickness),

1 tape sling (25mm) 3,50m long or reef cord (8mm) 3,50m long for the "Flip line",

- good fitness

- your own WW equipment. WW equipment can be rented for a fee from feel free and faszinatour for the course times.



The course fee has to be transferred immediately after registration. Participation in the course is only guaranteed when the course fee has been paid in full.





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